Vacuum Film

Spread this film & Vacuum Pack your silage

The secret as all farmers know is an 'air tight clamp is a safe clamp'. An anaerobic fermentation is essential for making good silages, it is this fermentation process that uses up the oxygen in the clamp sucking the VACUUM FILM onto the surface of the silage, and in effect 'vacuum-packing' the feed. Normal black silage sheeting is not flexible enough to contact the silage in every dip and hollow, and is also oxygen permeable and therefore rarely forms a complete seal.

VACUUM FILM is a low cost tough 1.8 mil transparent film with very low oxygen permeability, it is laid directly onto the silage which sucks it down to create a secure seal - eliminating top and shoulder waste. Once in place, side sheets are pulled over and a normal silage sheet weighted down on top. VACUUM FILMis stout enough to withstand walking on as it is laid, it can also be pulled back and reused during the season to allow 2nd and 3rd cuts to be added to the clamp.

We have customers who have used it over the last few years and have again already placed there orders for this year. One of the many comments we received about this product is that they have had no waste at all with using VACUUM FILM. Very quick and easy to unroll and spread VACUUM FILM eliminates the time-consuming and laborious salt spreading that many farmers use to overcome the 'top-waste problem'.

An air tight clamp is a safe clamp

Vacuum Film is available in the following sizes:
12m x 50m (39ft x 164ft)
16m x 50m (52ft x 164ft)


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