ULTIMA Cow Cubicle


IAE best selling and most highly recommended cubicle loop, the unique shape of the Ultima maintains the same high head rail position of the Supreme but with the added option to raise the head rail still further if necessary. By dropping the lower support rail closer to the bed we have further increased the lunge zone for the cow whilst at the same time removing a potential trap for heads or legs. The upper support rail has also been lowered, this inhibits animals from walking through the bed but coupled with the moving of the lower support rail maintains the same lunge space created by the Supreme cubicle.
These improved design features offered by the Ultima have improved acceptance rates into the bed achieved a higher percentage of animals lying correctly for the longest time. By maintaining the post and rail system adopted at inception, you can easily upgrade to the Ultima from either Super Comfort or Supreme.

   Key Points To Understanding The ULTIMA Cubicle

The Ultima is the modern choice for a successful dairy housing solution.

  • Improved initial standing position prior to lying down.
  • Reduced pressure on back legs due to correct preliminary position (no perching)
  • Lying in correct position with large "lunge zone"
  • Superb acceptance rates from improved comfort.

Ultima cubicles are quick and easy to install. Once the posts are in position, other components are simply attached using high quality clamps and fastenings. The Ultima cubicle offers optimum body space, head space and lunge zone. Combine your Ultima cubicle with P.I.P.E for the Ultima solution.

Whilst IAE offers a selection of cubicle loop lengths to accommodate individual requirements, not all offer an optimum solution. This table below highlights our recommended solutions, those not highlighted are suitable compromise for refurbishments, existing buildings or when cost is an obstacle.