Cattle Crush Accessories

Super Scoop MK4

The New MK4 Super Scoop Cattle Crush Accessories designs incorporate a few changes to improve all round usefulness, access and to improve strength at the same time.
The unit now functions more effectively for all types of breeds by being slightly smaller on the edges where the animals eyes are, and when they have lateral head movement when the scoop is engaged, there is far less instance of ear tags being removed due to the new shape.


  • Restricts the side to side movement of the animals head and provides increased safety for the animal and operator.
  • The Superscoop Cattle Crush Accessories take the strain out of tasks such as dosing and ear tagging, whilst keeping the head up so reducing the risk of the animal chocking and also helping to prevent the animal collapsing.
  • Easy release mechanism, when under load it is still possible to quickly and easily release the scoop arm.
  • Stronger design.
  • Minimizing ear tag loss.
  • Reducing proximity to the eyes.

Foot Trimming Kits

The standard foot trimming cattle crush accessories kits are suitable for the Chieftain, Saracen, Centurion and Crusader Range of Cattle Crushes. There is a foot trimming kit the same principal as the standard kit available for the Highland and Beef Master Crushes.


Kit comprises:
  • Adjustable front winch, belly band, clips and straps.
  • Adjustable rear winch, clips and straps.
  • Two front foot blocks c/w rope.
  • Two rear foot blocks c/w ropes and two loose rear bolt on block housing's.
  • Rear winch and strap can also be used to lift the front feet of the animal.
Cattle Crush Extension


Features include:
  • Extends the length of the crush.
  • Slide door stops the next animal in the race.
  • Slide door can slide from either direction due to the retractable sliding gear.
  • Creates a safe working area to the rear of the animal for the farmer or vet.
  • Bottom side door will also swing inwards therefore reducing the risk of getting kicked.
Sliding Gate for rear of crush


  • Replaces the crush rear gate.
  • Stops the next animal in the race.
  • Slide door can slide from either direction due to the retractable sliding gear.
  • Flip over plate locks one or both sides of gate.
Universal any hand rear crush gate.



  • Supplied as a bolt on kit.
  • Suitable for IAE crushes where the rear gate is not fitted as standard. i.e rotating rump bar crushes in the main range.