Supreme Cow Cubicle

Supreme cow cubicle are quick and easy to install. Once the posts are in position, other components are simply attached using high quality clamps and fastenings. The Supreme cubicle offers superior body space, head space and lunge zone. Combine your Supreme cow cubicle with Brisket board to encourage the correct lying position.

The Supreme cow cubicle is a great choice suitable for a variety of situations, for example is group seperation is not important. A supreme cow cubicle can be easily upgraded to Ultima at a later date if required.

  • Improved initial standing position prior to lying down.
  • Reduced pressure on back legs due to correct preliminary position (no perching)
  • Lying in correct position with large "lunge zone"
  • Superb acceptance rates from improved comfort.

Whilst IAE offers a selection of cubicle loop lengths to accommodate individual requirements, not all off the complete solution.

This table highlights our recommended solutions, those not highlighted are suitable compromises for refurbishments, existing buildings or when cost is an obstacle.

 SUPREME CUBICLE - Single Run suitable for stock over 22 months.

Head to Head - Supreme Cubicle

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