Young Stock Super Comfort

Based upon the successful features and benefits of our Super comfort cow cubicle, IAE have specific designs to accommodate various age ranges without compromising safety or comfort, the Young Stock Super Comfort Cow Cubicle. These cubicles are ideal for those who wish to train younger animals to become accustomed to lying in a cubicle bed prior to their introduction into the main herd.

The largest of the Young Stock Super Comfort cow cubicle uses a 60.3mm tubular division loop and utilizes the same posts, rails and fastenings as used for Adult cubicles. The smaller Young Stock Super Comfort cubicle uses a 48.3mm tubular division loop and its own unique posts, rails and fastenings whilst still retaining the durability required for stock of this age.

Young stock 1

Young stock 2

Young stock 3

Young stock 4

Due to ranges in animal age and size, headrail dimensions X and Y can only be specified as a range.
Headrail position X = 1780 - 1930
Headrail position Y = 1580 - 1800

  Points to think about.

  • Targeted breeding age.
  • Age ranges in groups.

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