IAE have been manufacturing equestrian stables for over 20 years.

During this time they have designed and manufactured many types of equestrian stable, special layouts and differing designs, as well as being pleased to be associated with many projects at numerous prestigious racecourses.
Using this experience they have consolidated the best and most practical concepts from our previous designs to produce the Moorland range of stabling and accessories.
The latest manufacturing technology and techniques are applied, then your stables will be finished to a high standard and galvanised in their own in house galvanising plant to BS EN ISO 1461.

They have rationalized the previous product ranges to form the Moorland equestrian stable range to enable us to encompass the core strengths of IAE. Quality production values, large amounts of stock items all at the right price. Your Moorland stable will be 'built to last', with an eye for safety and design whilst maintaining value for money.

The moorland stabling range can accommodate a fall of 50mm across front's or partitions if necessary and you can easily achieve stable layouts that are bespoke by using the high standard panels in conjunction with their unique 'magic bracket'.

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