Galebreaker Windbreak

Weather Protection, Ventilation & Access Solutions.

Galebreaker products are at the forefront in natural ventilation and protection of Agricultural Buildings. Many years of experience, have enabled Galebreaker to develop a range of environmental weather screen systems which provide ideal housing conditions for healthy, productive livestock. Galebreaker systems provide variable ventilation, protection and light for the ideal environment. They also meet legislation requirements for keeping birds out of crop storage buildings and for milking parlors.


The flexible way to ventilate, provide weather protection and exclude birds to farm assured standards. Designed to clip onto bays or wider spans up to 20mt. Simple to install and quick to remove, Ideal for maintaining building flexibility.

Quick fit cladding system for protection and ventilation of bays and gable ends, Weather protection and ventilation for a healthy environment, reduces wind speed by 75%. Quick and simple to fit and remove no need for drilling or bolting, ratchet and hook tensioning system for easy fitting, fully adjustable, can be fitted above one another to reach any height.

galebreaker bayscreen
galebreaker bayscreen
galebreaker bayscreen
galebreaker bayscreen


Spring operated roller system for above gates, walls and feed barriers providing fast access and variable ventilation. Operational even in poor weather.

Suitable for feed passages, main livestock entrances, equestrian, hay and straw storage, variable ventilation control and parlours. Spring mechanism tested for 10,000 operations. Locking mechanism for stability in high winds, fully adjustable to fit available opening.


galebreaker rollerscreen


An economical long lasting door providing access to the full height of the opening. Simple to install and fast to operate.

Operates to ground level, strong guide rails for inside or outside fitting, Semi-automatic locking catch. Quick access Operation speed 2sec/m, Keeps out weather, Draught free - variable ventilation, Reduces wind speed by 75%. Complies with EC door directive EN-13241.

galebreaker rapid rollerdoor


A sectional rollerdoor, fast in operation with a bird-proof seal. Each section is independent giving you a choice of materials per section.

Suitable for feed storage, grain storage, feed passages, parlours and general purpose buildings. Fully adjustable to fit available opening, choice of different panel material on the same door, operation speed 5 sec/m. Spring mechanism tested to 10,000 operations, complies with EC door directive EN-13241.

galebreaker agridoor


Operational up to 20mt wide, these vertically folding doors operate on existing building uprights. A cost effective solution for large openings.

Ideal for grain storage, silage storage, feed storage, livestock and general purpose buildings. Provides full width access for maximum convenience, easily operated in high winds. Manual or motorised drive options, vertically folding system, unique rolling trolleys which tension the sheet. Complies with EC door directive EN-13241.

galebreaker maxidoor


A sliding curtain system running on overhead tracking providing protection and ventilation for wide openings.

Ideal for livestock buildings, grain stores, feed stores and general purpose buildings.

  • Full access height maintained
  • Additional sliding post option allows access from both ends
  • No ground fixing required
  • Complies with EC door directive EN-13241
galebreaker trackscreen
galebreaker trackscreen
galebreaker trackscreen
galebreaker trackscreen

Galebreaker Materials

Galebreaker mesh has been proven through independent tests to provide better ventilation and weather protection than traditional cladding. For over 20 years, Galebreaker have manufactured weather protection and ventilation systems which are used extensively worldwide. The immensely strong range of Galebreaker meshes are available as clip-on screens, rolling/folding ventilation systems and door systems. Galebreaker systems are suitable for livestock and general purpose buildings including grain and feed stores which require quality assurance approval.
An essential element of healthy housed livestock is the availability of ‘quality ventilated air’. Galebreaker’s ability to transmit light as well as its ventilation properties provides the optimum light, dry, draught free environment.


galebreaker materials

PVC coated polyester, 3.3 tonnes tensile strength, 25% permeable, Rot proof, Tear resistant, Non toxic, UV stabilised, Flame retardant to European standards M2 & B1.


galebreaker materials

PVC coated polyester, 4.2 tonnes tensile strength, Non-permeable, Rot proof, Tear resistant, Non toxic, UV stabilised, Flame retardant to DIN75200.

 High Performance

galebreaker materials

Green PVC coated polyester, 4 tonnes tensile strength, 10% permeable, Rot proof, Tear resistant, Non toxic, UV stabilised, Flame retardant to European standards M2 & B1.

Heavy Duty

galebreaker materials

Black PVC coated polyester, 5.4 tonnes tensile strength, 6% permeable, Rot proof, Tear resistant, Non toxic, UV stabilised.


The quick effective way to provide outdoor pigs, free range chickens and other livestock with shade. An aid to livestock welfare. Provides protection from sunburn for outdoor reared pigs. Green heavy duty polyethylene, reinforced corners, bungee strap fixing to prevent wind damage, 70% shading. For spring summer use only.

Fixed Systems


Galebreaker material available off-the-roll for a wide range of applications.


An extruded plastic windbreak in roll form. The economical answer for DIY installation.

Bird Net

14mm strong extruded mesh ideal for bird proofing grain and feed stores.

PVC Strip

Suitable for internal applications where pedestrians and machine access is required.