Heifer – Super Comfort Cubicles (suitable for stock 18 – 22 months)

Using the successful Super Comfort cow cubicle, IAE offers cubicle bed solutions for housing heifers. Typically aimed at stock age 18 - 22 months, the cubicle loop length, bed length, headrail and brisket board position are simply re-configured for heifers.

Heifer 1

Heifer 3

Heifer 5

Heifer 2

Heifer 4

Note: When refurbishing existing cubicle houses there is often a necessity to use the shorter heifer cubicles for adult cows. Where this is the case, the height of the headrail and brisket board should mirror those used for adult cows.

  Points to think about.

  • Targeted breeding age.
  • Age ranges in heifer groups.


Heifer 6


Heifer 7

Heifer 8

 Heifer 9