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Lamb Adopters

Lamb Adopters are used to "foster on" spare lambs. Adjustable neck yoke holds the ewe's head to feed and water and so that initially she cannot sniff the fostered lamb prior to acceptance. Lamb adopters are a vital piece of equipment in some lambing operations. At Country Stores we stock the lamb adopter variants as listed below.

Multiform Lamb Adopters
Starter Unit

lamb adopters


  • 1525mm wide x 1200mm long x 800mm high.
  • Featuring 2 two rail guard wings, 2 removable bucket holders, 2 sheeted side panels, 1 back panel, 1 front yoke panel and 4 coupling bars.
  • Suitable for horned sheep as 620mm long x 780mm high yoke is manually positioned.
  • Rear panel has lift out stokboard section.
    In Stock.

Add on Unit to suit Multiform Lamb Adopter

lamb adopters addon on unit


As per the standard starter unit but minus one sheeted side panel.
In Stock.

Lamb Adopter Front

lamb adopters front


  • Universal coupling arrangement to suit a variety of sheep hurdles.
  • 930mm long x 1015mm high.
  • Suitable for horned sheep as yoke is manually positioned.
  • Supplied with 2 bucket holders.
    In Stock.

7 Rail Interlocking Sheep Hurdle

lamb adopters front


Loop type coupling arrangement, 970mm high. Available lengths 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft. 
4ft, 6ft and 8ft In Stock.
Note: The intended use for interlocking sheep hurdles is to form large holding pens or small individual pens. If used for long single runs of lambing pens some joints will need to be cable tied together.

Lamb Adopter Creep Hurdle

lamb adopters front


Loop type coupling arrangement to ensure compatibility with interlocking sheep hurdles.
6ft long x 970mm high with 7 horizontal rails.
Creep apertures built in to a 535mm approx long opening at one end. In stock.

Part Meshed Lambing Hurdle


Can be used to form banks of single runs or back to back runs of lambing pens due to top loose ring and fixed 60mm x 60mm bottom lug type coupling arrangment. Not compatible with standard 7 rail interlocking sheep hurdles. 1050mm high with 5 horizontal rails and clad with 50mm x 50mm weldmesh up to a height of 524mm from finished floor level Available lengths 4ft and 6ft all in stock.

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