Permapost Fencing

We have been selling BALCAS timber for permapost fencing jobs since 1976. BALCAS is one of Britain and Ireland's largest wood product suppliers, Balcas operates from several sites; sawmills in Enniskillen and Estonia; and an architectural mouldings factory in Kildare.
We stock balcas timber for gardens, farm and stock fencing, full round fencing stakes, 3"x3", 4"x4", 5"x5", 7"x7" fencing posts. "D" Rails, 4" x 2", Feather edge, and 6"x1" boards.
All the timber is preservative treated under pressure and using vacume cycles, with a range of environmentally-respectful chemicals to suit timber's end use. Tanalith E, by Arch Timber Protection, is the proven, trusted and established alternative to traditional treated timber.
All the timber used in manufacture of Balcas fencing components are from Forest Stewardship Council approved suppliers ensuring a responsible programme throughout the supply chain.

1.Timber is placed in an industrial treatment cylinder and an initial vacuum is created. The timber cells are evacuated of air and the vacuum is held.   

2. The cylinder is flooded under vacuum with Tanalith wood preservative.

3. Hydraulic pressure is applied, forcing the preservative into the timer cells.

4. A final vacuum extracts excess preservative solution, which is pumped back to storage.

5. Low pressure inside the timber draws in surface preservative solution when vented to atmosphere. Treated timber is stored until dry before despatch.

4. A final vacuum extracts excess preservative solution, which is pumped back to storage.

Below are pictures of a Permapost fence erected in 1977, the pictures were taken August 2007.

This Fence was erected May 1977. Wire Might be Finished, But the Permapost is not!

Permapost 5ft 6" x 3" Round fencing stakes.

Machine turned, uniform bundles.
264 in a bundle.

Permapost Struts 6ft x 4" round.

Machine turned.

Permapost Strainers / King Post

7ft x 5" round, machine turned.

Permapost 6ft long x 5" x 3" posts.

Permapost "D" rail.

11ft 10" long x 4" x 1"1/2"

Plain rail 6" x 1"

available in 11ft 10" lengths, 6ft, 5ft and 4ft.

Planed rail 11ft 10" x 4" x 2".

Gate Posts.

7ft x 7" x 7", 7ft x 6" x 6", 7ft x 5" x 5".

Fencing Posts.

4" x 4" available from 5ft - 10ft lengths.

3" x 3" available from 5ft - 9ft lengths.