The Shop


Organic Milk from Daioni Ltd: Traditional methods of dairy farming contiinue today, but with the added benefits of organic methodology; and award winning natural milk products are both healthy and nutritious. They come from cows grazing in organic pastures at Ffosyficer, a farm only a few miles away from us! You could not get more local!

Tregroes Waffles is a family-run business, based in the village of LLandysul only 20 miles away from us. It all began around a bonfire on Guy Fawkes Night in 1983 where Toffee Waffles were made with a small hand operated Waffle Iron. Over the years success with the product has been so great that now, in their bespoke premises, they make waffles at a rate of up to 4000 per hour!


Tan Y Castell Welsh Cakes: are made from the finest natural ingredients with no added preservatives, colouring or added salt.This traditional Pembrokeshire farmhouse recipe is used to bring to you the special flavour of real Tan Y Castell Welshcakes.

Halen Mon: The Angelsey Sea Salt Company combine traditional methods with the latest technology to harvest Halen Mon, 100% natural Welsh sea salt from the fresh Atlantic waters that surround the Isle of Anglesey.Today this Welsh sea salt sensation has caught the attention of chefs and food lovers across the world.


Welsh Brew Tea is the only major tea brand to be packed and blended for the principality of Wales. The ongoing growth of the company is attributed to a desire to provide quality products,Murroughs Welsh Brew Tea has prospered for one simple reason – those who taste it really like the product, and consequently buy it over and over again. We all remember the products we really enjoy. The special blend of selected African and Indian teas, perfectly compliment the waters of Wales, yeilding that traditional flavour and colour relished by true tea drinkers.

Penlon Cottage Brewery at Llanarth produces a range of beers, all of which are bottle conditioned and matured to develop the flavours typical of this traditional brewing technique. They are unfiltered, unpasteurised and are vegan friendly.


Mary's Farmhouse Ice Cream & Meringues: produce food that remaine true to a home style of recipe. For this reason they have set out with the ethos of using only fresh, and wherever possible locally sourced ingredients.

They have no condensed or synthetic flavours whatsoever - everything is made inhouse using fresh produce. It has taken many years to perfect the recipes, discarding completely any that didn’t reach their very high standards.

This combination of factors has helped produce a fantastic range of ice creams, meringues and sorbets that have a real point of difference.