A.I Stalls

We have a choice of A.I Stalls, free standing, rear operating front opening, traditional, and the herringbone A.I and treatment race.

Herringbone A. I. and Treatment Race

  • Available as Right Hand and Left Hand standard units accommodating 12 cow spaces.
  • Standard units are 9790mm long x 1650mm wide (post centres)
  • Allows larger numbers of animals to be handled in a short space of time.
  • Correct positioning of cows.
  • Reduces use of vets time on site resulting in a reduction in cost per cow.
  • Reduced labour plus increased efficiency.
  • Better conception rates due to less stress in the animals.
  • Suitable when carrying out various tasks such as insemination, scanning, reading ear tags and T.B Testing if enough room is left at the front and rear of animals.

Rear Operating Front Opening A.I. Stalls

Rear Operating Front Opening A.I Stalls

  • Designed to be operated in banks of stalls with front opening gates for quick throughput.
  • 2060mm long x 4 rail providing ideal vet access and supplied with rump chains.
  • The unit set at 800, centres.

A.I. Stalls

A.I Stalls:

Free Standing & Bolt to Wall

  • 2135mm long x 4 rail with rear hook and chain.
  • Available as a bolt to wall or free standing option.
  • Designed so that animals walk into and back out of stall.
  • 800mm centres.

Traditional Cow Stall

The traditional cow stall is 1675mm long and c/w tethering plates and pegs.

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