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Silage Sheets

We stock high-quality silage sheets in a range of sizes to suit all specific requirements. Contact our friendly team to discuss your bespoke needs and we’ll be happy to set you up with silage covers that fit the bill perfectly.


  • 8m x 50m (26ft x 164ft) 100mu
  • 11mt x 42mt (36ft x 137ft) 100mu
  • 12.8mt x 36mt (42ft x 118ft) 100mu
  • 14mt x 30mt (46ft x 98ft) 100mu
  • 16mt x 30mt (52ft x 98ft) 100mu
  • 18.3mt x 25mt (60ft x 82ft) 100mu
  • 18.3mt x 30mt (60ft x 98ft) 100mu
  • 8mt x 28mt (26ft x 91ft) 200mu
  • 11mt x 28mt (36ft x 91ft) 200mu

Sila-Cover 300

Sila-Cover 300 silage covers provide protection for grass and maize silage from from birds, rodents and other animals. Sila-Cover 300 silage covers also help provide top quality silage.

To maximise the efficiency of your silage system it is essential that the anaerobic fermentation process (which creates good quality silage) is not hindered by the presence of air. With oxygen present the fermentation process is slowed. This leads to dry matter losses and results in a poorer quality of silage.

Even small holes in the plastic sheet (such as those created by birds) can allow sufficient oxygen into the clamp to spoil significant amounts of silage. It is essential that your plastic sheet is protected from puncture and that the edges are sealed so that air stays out.

If there is air in your clamp fermentation will be hindered. Filling the clamp rapidly, securing it with your plastic sheet, and then covering it with Sila-Cover 300 will ensure that fermentation is fast and efficient as well as your clamp being well protected.

Sila-Cover 300 silage protection sheets and gravel bags offer the ideal solution. These secure covers protect the plastic sheet from puncture, help seal the edges of the clamp, stop the wind from lifting the plastic sheet and help compaction.

  • Heavy Duty Silaflex 300g/m2!
  • Protection from birds and mammals!
  • Reduces spoilage!
  • Improves compaction!
  • Protects polythene under-sheet!
  • 10 year guarantee!
  • Easy to handle on and off as the silage is used!
  • Silaflex is Compact to store when folded away!

Sizes available:

12mt x 10mt In stock
12mt x 15mt In Stock
20mt x 10mt In Stock
25mt x 12mt
16mt x 5mt in stock.

25 Free Sandbags with each Sila-Cover 300!

Silage Vacuum Film

Spread this film & Vacuum Pack your silage

The secret as all farmers know is an ‘air tight clamp is a safe clamp’. An anaerobic fermentation is essential for making good silages, it is this fermentation process that uses up the oxygen in the clamp sucking the silage vacuum film onto the surface of the silage, and in effect ‘vacuum-packing’ the feed. Normal black silage sheeting is not flexible enough to contact the silage in every dip and hollow, and is also oxygen permeable and therefore rarely forms a complete seal.

Silage vacuum film is a low cost tough 1.8 mil transparent film with very low oxygen permeability, it is laid directly onto the silage which sucks it down to create a secure seal – eliminating top and shoulder waste. Once in place, side sheets are pulled over and a normal silage sheet weighted down on top. Silage vacuum film is stout enough to withstand walking on as it is laid, it can also be pulled back and reused during the season to allow 2nd and 3rd cuts to be added to the clamp.

We have customers who have used it over the last few years and have again already placed there orders for this year. One of the many comments we received about this product is that they have had no waste at all with using silage vacuum film. Very quick and easy to unroll and spread silage vacuum film eliminates the time-consuming and laborious salt spreading that many farmers use to overcome the ‘top-waste problem’.

An air tight clamp is a safe clamp

Silage Vacuum Film is available in the following sizes:
12m x 50m (39ft x 164ft)
16m x 50m (52ft x 164ft)

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