Galvanised Gates

We have 2 specifications of 7 rail box end field galvanised gates, which all have box section bracing as standard for improved strength, and also are sleeved on the hanging point.

Penfro Field Galvanised Farm Gates – 7 Rail

Although the lightest gate in the range, the Penfro Field is a great gate economy field gate.

  • Top and bottom rails 43mm o/d tube.
  • Intermediate rails 29mm o/d tube.
  • 1143mm high.
  • Spring loaded sliding bolt fastening.
  • 50mm x 50mm SHS sleeved hanging stile.

Penfro Field/Yard 7 Bar Galvanised Farm Gates

Our top quality field galvanised farm gate, that is why we call it the Field/Yard gate. Available in a full range of sizes.

  • Top and bottom rails 44.5mm o/d tube
  • Intermediate rails 35mm o/d tube.
  • 1143mm high.
  • Spring loaded sliding bolt fastening.
  • 50mm x 50mm SHS Sleeved hanging stile.

5 Rail Half Mesh Galvanised Farm Gates

Quality field galvanised farm gates ideally suited for containing small animals and young stock. It has a sleeved box section hanging stile, 44.5mm o.d top and bottom rails, 30mm o.d intermediates and clad with 75 x 75 weldmesh. 1143mm high

4 Rail Half Mesh Galvanised Farm Gates

A medium specification fully meshed gate fitted keyhole/pendelum sliding bolt. A box section hanging and slam stile are complimented with all the rails being 44.5mm o.d tube and clad with 75 x 75mm mesh. 1143mm high.

6 Rail Imperial / Highland Galvanised Farm Gates

A sturdy medium weight field gate, sometimes used in open yard situations where animals are not too tightly contained. All horizontal rails are 44.5mm dia tube. The highland is identical to the imperial but is braced on both sides for added strength. Both gates are 1143mm high.

8 Rail Penfro Premier Galvanised Farm Gates

A medium weight double braced field gate ideal for use where extra height is required. Sleeved box section hanging stile and spring bolt are standard features. All horizontal rails are 44.5mm dia tube. Height 1525mm / 5ft.

New Forde Galvanised Farm Gates

A heavy duty 6 railed field gate which can also be utilised for light penning duties such as calving boxes. It has 50 x 50mm sleeved hanging stile, 48.3mm o.d top and bottom rails and 38mm o.d intermediates and is supplied with your choice of either D loop or pendelum sliding bolt. 1143mm high.

Moorland Sheeted Galvanised Farm Gates

A medium weight (any hand) 3 railed sheeted gate, fitted with keyhole/pendelum type sliding bolt, 1270mm high with 50 x 50 sleeved box section hanging stile and the remainder 40 x 40 box section, clad to one face with pre-galvanised sheet.

Buxton Sheeted Galvanised Farm Gates

Ideal for use in exposed positions, this heavy duty 4 railed sheeted gate, has a 50 x 50mm box section frame and 50 x 30mm box section infills and sleeved hanging stile. Clad to one face with pre-galvanised sheet and fitted keyhole/pendulum type sliding bolt.
Standard height is 1270mm, but can be supplied in a variety of alternative heights.

Fully Meshed Lagoon Farm Gates

A 3 railed gate clad with 50 x 50 weldmesh and complete with extensions for barbed wire. The hanging stile is 50 x 50mm box section with the remainder of the gate manufactured from 40 x 40mm box section. It is 1270mm high and supplied with a lockable sliding bolt.

5 Rail Cattle Yard Farm Gates

A strong gate suitable for use in open dairy cattle yards. It is supplied as standard with keyhole/pendulum sliding bolt and sleeved 50 x 50mm box section hanging stile. Top and bottom rails are 48.3mm o.d whilst the intermediates are 44.5mm o/d. 1143 high.

Deer Gate

1860mm High Deer gate. Gates are supplied with a pad lockable sliding bolt as standard.

1860mm High Deer Gates are offered in three designs which are 10 railed, 7 railed part meshed and 3 rail fully meshed. Gates are supplied with a pad lockable sliding bolt as standard.

Wheeled Cattle Hurdle

Ideal for situations where a temporary/moveable barrier is required. Overall height is 1605mm c/w hook and chain fastenings. Available in 12ft and 15ft length.

Continental Galvanised Gates

Designed specifically for handling and penning duties, this range of exceptionally heavy duty gates is offered in a choice of heights and rail numbers to suit a variety of uses. 50 x 50mm box section hanging and slamming stiles, with 48.3mm dia tube horizontals and 38mm dia tube vertical in-fillers for maximum strength. Sleeved hanging stiles and keyhole pendulum sliding bolts as standard.

Available as a 3 rail to hang @ 1525mm for housing dairy cattle. 4 rail to hang @ 1525mm for penning bull beef or cattle housing where extra ground clearance is required to allow auto scraper to pass below. 5 rail to hang @ 1525mm for general purpose stockyard and handling facilities. 6 rail to hang @ 1830mm for holding pens where additional height is required. 7 rail to hang @ 1525mm multipurpose suitable for cattle / sheep / calf.

Sliding and Swing Doors

Swing opening and sliding doors are available with all necessary fixing or running gear, and are supplied with full sheet or with timber battens to facilitate Yorkshire boarding on site. Other cladding also available upon request. All sizes are made to measure.

Calf Creep Aperture Gate

Available option on our made to measure gates. Supplied c/w vertical creep bars to reduce the gap down from 600mm maximum – reduces in increments of 80mm.

3 Rail Up and Over Gates

Designed for use in cubicle buildings where traditional hinged gates can’t be used. Helps control cattle movement, separates groups of animals. Counter balanced weight makes for easy operation, optional cow or tractor height clearances available.

3 Rail Guillotine Gates

Designed for use in cubicle buildings where space is very restricted, benefits as described for the up and over gate. Supplied complete with support posts.

2 Rail Splitter Panel/Gate

Designed to split animals in cubicle buildings into groups, automatic scrapers pass under the bottom rail. Available as a panel or gated unit, gated unit allows for tractor access. Gated unit shown in the picture

Galvanised Gate Posts

We offer a range of hanging and slamming posts to suit all of our gates, available in either tubular or square section.
Special posts such as dual hanging / slam posts are also available.

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