Cattle Crush Accessories

Here you will find all the optional extras for your IAE Cattle Crush.

Cattle Crush Accessories

MK4.5 SuperScoop Cattle Crush Accessory

The ever popular IAE Superscoop has now been upgraded to Mark 4.5.

The Superscoop is always a stock item with us, delivery would be in a matter of days.

Visually the 4.5 is difficult to distinguish from the Mark 4, however under the skin there are significant improvements. The key upgrade to the Mark 4.5 is the inclusion of a positive unidirectional lock and locking position for the scoop arm to rest (in its vertical situation). This is key in preventing accidental knocks and damage when not in use. In addition, internal components have been upgraded to improve reliability and longevity.

These improvements follow the upgrades previously made to the Superscoop, such as the revised plastic moulding that offers greater strength, whilst improving access to the head, reducing proximity to the eyes and minimising ear tag loss.

Features include

  • Restricts the side to side movement of the animals head.
  • Provides increased safety for the animal and the operator.
  • Takes the strain out of tasks such as dosing and ear tagging.
  • Keeps the head up so reducing the risk of the animal choking
  • Helps prevent animal collapsing

The unit is configurable to either hand. Supplied factory fitted as a right hand unit only, consumers who wish to operate the scoop from the other side of the crush can change the handing of their unit with a simple change around procedure.

  • Locking ratchet mechanism using a concentric ratchet locking face and pawl allowing for an easier release when under load, reducing strain on the operator and animal.
  • A superior fixing bracket which offers a more stable point of rotation.
  • Extra-large diameter central pivot point distributing load over a greater area, significantly reducing wear on the component.
  • Maintenance free central bearing of self-lubricating carbon filled PTFE, offering exceptional strength and wear characteristics.
  • Neat aesthetics featuring an all internal mechanism, without reducing ease of maintenance.

Foot Trimming Kit Cattle Crush

IAE Foot Trimming Kit

Always a stock item on your yard in a matter of days!

The standard foot trimming kit for cattle crush is suitable for the Chieftain, Saracen and Crusader Plus Range of Cattle Crushes.

Kit comprises:
  • Adjustable front winch, belly band, clips and straps.
  • Adjustable rear winch, clips and straps.
  • Two front and rear foot blocks c/w ropes and two loose rear bolt on block housings
  • Rear winch strap can also be used to lift the front feet of the animal
  • It will not be possible to use rear foot blocks if a crush extension is fitted without removing the crush extension first
  • Prices available on request for individual components
  • If you purchase a IAE Cattle crush and IAE Foot trimming at the same time, we fit the kit on to your crush for you.

Sliding Doors & Sliding Gates Cattle Crush

Sliding Gate for Rear of Crush

In Stock!

  • Replaces the crush rear gate.
  • Stops the next animal in the race.
  • Slide door can slide from either direction due to the retractable sliding gear.
  • Flip over plate locks one or both sides of gate.

Universal Any Hand Rear Cattle Crush Gate

Universal Any Hand Rear Cattle Crush Gate

In stock!

  • Supplied as a bolt on kit.
  • Suitable for IAE crushes where the rear gate is not fitted as standard. i.e rotating rump bar crushes in the main range.

Cattle Crush Extension

Cattle Crush Extension

Stock item, on your yard in a matter of days!

Features include:

  • Extends the length of the crush.
  • Slide door stops the next animal in the race.
  • Slide door can slide from either direction due to the retractable sliding gear.
  • Creates a safe working area to the rear of the animal for the farmer or vet.
  • Bottom side door will also swing inwards, therefore, reducing the risk of getting kicked.

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