Brisket Board Cow Cubicle

The IAE Brisket board bracket is designed to easily clamp to the lower section of our cubicles, the timber boards are then cut to length and simply laid across the brackets and fastened into place. This optional extra aids in correctly positioning the animal when lying on the cubicle bed, correct positioning on the bed is a vital feature of any successful cubicle installation.

  • Correct positioning of the animal when lying prevents the animal from lying too far onto the bed, this reduces bed soiling which leads to improved comfort, cleanliness and health. Cleaner beds also equates to reduced bed maintenance and lower costs.
  • Correct positioning of the animal when lying results in greater lying times which in turn lead to reduced stress on the animal and therefore a healthier cow overall, all of which have been linked to higher milk yields.
  • Correct positioning of the animal when lying reduces the potential for injury as it rises or lies down.

Timber brisket board should be positioned approximately equal to the animal’s diagonal body length ( as shown in Fig.2). For a guide this is approximately 1700mm for an 800kg dairy cow. General set ups should use the dimensions in each cubicle loop section to begin with, and then adjust if necessary to suit the needs of each individual herd.

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