Bugle Sheep Handling System

IAE Bugle System

  • The “Bugle Handling System” tapers to naturally force animals from a wider pen into the sorting race via a semi-circular forcing pen.
  • Approximately 7300mm long x 4000mm approx wide holding 40 – 50 animals.
  • Further holding and dispersal pens need to be added but initially can be made from interlocking sheep hurdles (not included).
  • Animals can be diverted into a 5550mm long x 915mm wide pen prior to the drafting gate if required.
  • Short swing and slide gate allows the forcing pen to be full all of the time.
  • Sheeted race can be tapered if required when working with lambs.
  • 1 x 2500mm 6 railed hurdle
  • 2 x 3050mm 6 railed hurdle
  • 1 x 2500mm rail sheeted hurdle
  • 2 x 3050mm rail sheeted
  • 1 x 2500mm pair of 6 railed gates in frame
  • 1 x drafting/stop gate
  • 2 x 3050mm 6 railed hurdle
  • 1 x 915mm 6 railed swing gate in frame
  • 1 x 2500mm sheeted shedding hurdle
  • 1 x 2500mm 6 railed hurdle c/w swing gate
  • 1 x 1686mm swing and slide gate in frame
  • 1 x lift and swing guillotine gate
  • 3 x 1690mm 3 rail sheeted radius hurdle
  • 2 x drop over catch
  • 1 x 1150mm 3 rail sheeted radius hurdle
  • 1 x race joiner
  • 21 x coupling bars
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