Cattle Self Locking Yokes – YokeMaster

IAE YokeMaster

Designed for dairy cattle, the IAE YokeMaster self locking yoke panel is designed to allow cows to feed freely, but also to allow the animals to be locked into the panel to permit treatment, for example AI or PD. Within the dairy environment, with all of the consequential welfare and yield benefits associated with not removing the animal from its familiar habitat.

The YokeMaster incorporates many great features and will be an integral part of the best dairy houses.

The IAE YokeMaster self locking yoke panel combines a unique, patented (pending) locking design with full safety yoke functionality, renowned IAE build quality, fully galvanized durability and the ability to operate up to 50 cattle head spaces from one operating handle.

YokeMaster is available in a variety of lengths from 1 yoke panel up to 10 yoke panels to suit 6100mm bays in one section.

A number of key improvements over previous designs include:

  • 1000mm high panel – up from 915mm – reduces neck rub.
  • Panels up to 10 spaces.
  • Operate up to 50 headspaces with 1 handle.
  • Quiet, self lubricating polymer locking latches.
  • Steel core, polymer coated drop latch for strength and quiet operation.
  • Yoke arm rubber minimise panel noise.
  • Offset yoke arm pivot for greater animal comfort.

Installing YokeMaster with an inclined aspect has the following benefits:

  • Reduced load on the panels from animals as reach into fodder area is increased.
  • Reduction in wear on animal’s shoulders / withers / neck.
  • Operating rod passes directly in front of stanchion, negating the need to drill stanchion to link panels.

To install the panels inclined with the top towards the feed passage, YokeMaster panels can be supplied with a pair of angle brackets for the top rail and flat brackets to fit into the bottom rail. Supplying the panels with 4 flat brackets or 4 angle brackets is also available to suit individual needs.

YokeMaster can be raked up to equivalent to 1:30 and longer panels, 6 spaces and over, should be installed with a central support leg to prevent distortion.

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