IAE Chieftain Manual Yoke Cattle Crush


The Chieftain manual yoke is great for any type of cattle, catering for more variety in herd size more quickly and easily than an “automatic” or self-closing yoke due to the nature of the manual catching action and quick adjustment.
A benefit can be found with frequently handled animals that have become accustomed to being restrained in a yoke, as you can still catch the animal in the correct position using the Chieftain yoke, as it is a manual operation, and therefore safely controlled.
With the Chieftain yoke you have the ability to adjust the yoke aperture whilst in the engaged or closed position. This means that you can easily have different sized animals within the same herd run through the race and crush without having to spend excess time resetting the yoke for batches of animals. The aperture can be adjusted from 100mm to 290mm.
A manual scissor action yoke such as the Chieftain yoke which retracts the yoke bars out of the animal’s sight line is a major encouragement for the animal to calmly enter the correct position to be restrained.
A manual lever operation at a comfortable height for most people is how the Chieftain yoke is activated and put into the closed or locked position. Once engaged, the animal will not be able to force the yoke bars open. The operator will have to disengage and release the animal.
Vertical yoke arms reduce the risk of choking if the animal collapses, whilst the detachable height restriction bar with variable height settings greatly reduces any instances of cattle trapping their legs in the yoke pivot arms.
The Chieftain yoke has a set of gates around the yoke area encapsulating the animal, so that they can’t simply walk through and exit the crush until the operator is ready. These gates can open fully to the front and side to allow great access to the animal’s head, once it is safely yoked in place.

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