Deluxe Calving Hurdle

IAE Deluxe Calving Hurdle

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  • 5 Rail side gate with 3 removable rails.
  • Cow can be yoked to assist calving.
  • Three removable rails allow suckling of calf to mother or to perform cesarean section.
  • 3050mm long.
  • Low safe exit from yoke in case of animal going to ground.
  • set at 90 degree from another fence line to create temporary calving area.

IAE Deluxe Calving Hurdle

IAE Calving hurdle is a simple way to assist with calving when the time comes. Isolate the pregnant animal and safely restrain her to enable the birth process to be controlled and calm using the calving hurdle.

The IAE Deluxe Calving Hurdle features removable rails inside the gate, so that if cesarean section needs to be performed, this can be carried out by removing the central rails instead of having to open the gate.

The special yoke is positioned differently than a standard feeding yoke height to allow for the fact that during birth there will be a higher frequency of animals going to ground, so the dimensions the yoke is set at take this into account, to avoid the risk of choking if this happens.
The calving hurdle is set at one hand only as cesarean is only carried out on one side of the animal.

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