IAE Dog Penning

IAE Range of Dog Pen Fronts And Side Panels

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The dog penning features include:

  • 1840mm high to conform with all environmental health model licence agreements.
  • 75mm gaps on vertical bars to conform with industry standard for medium to large breeds. Different recommendations for puppies or where security dogs are being housed.
  • Various panel lengths available, to meet model licence agreements for dog pen sizes for different size dogs.
  • 50mm leg for easy clean out.
  • Doors open inwards for operator safety and to meet the model licence agreements recommendation.
  • 625mm wide door opening.
  • Industry leading 8mm bar, central support prevents bar seperation.
  • The foot support brackets allow you to bolt panels to the floor and cope with small changes in floor levels.


  • Front 1 ~ 1500mm long dog pen front c/w gate
  • Front 2 ~ 2000mm long dog pen front panel c/w gate
  • Side 1 ~ 1500mm long dog pen side / back panel
  • Side 2 ~  2000mm long dog pen side / back panel
  • Side 3 ~  1000mm long dog pen side / back panel

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