Race Joining Arches

Race Joining Arches In Stock

  • Used in mobile cattle handling systems where posts are not practical
  • Prevents hurdles from “splaying” when forming part of the race.
  • Standard frames come complete with drilled lugs each side to connect to hurdles.
  • Gate units have drop over bolt latches fitted.
  • Gate units are complete with two pairs of drilled lugs and one pair of hinge hooks.
  • Some fittings will be provided loose to bolt on.

Available sizes: 2ft 9″ wide and 5ft 2″ wide either as plain race arches or complete with a gate.

Non-Return Gate in race Arch

  • 787mm 0/a wide x 2253mm o/a high.
  • Comes complete with drilled lugs each side.
  • For use in the cattle race
  • Saloon bar type winged gates prevent cows from backing up.

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