Rollerscreen Galebreaker

Rollerscreen Galebreaker

Spring operated roller system for above gates, walls and feed barriers providing fast access and variable ventilation. Operational even in poor weather conditions.

Suitable for feed passages, scraper passages, main livestock entrances, equestrian, hay and straw storage, variable ventilation control and parlours.

  • Door system tested to 10,000 operations
  • Locking mechanism for stability in high winds.
  • Fully adjustable to fir available opening.
  • Customer can set spring tension to suit screen size.


  • Length: 2.50m – 6.0m
  • Height: 2.1m, 3.1m & 4.1m

How to Measure:

  • Dimension of space to be filled.
  • If the size you require is not available, you will need the next size up.
  • The length and the height of the Rollerscreen corresponds to the dimension of the sheet.
  • The tubes are 100mm longer than the sheet size (50mm each side)
  • The spring mechanism must always be inserted on the left hand side.

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