Automatic yokes, or yokes that the animal will activate by trying to move through a visible gap, should be used in situations where animals that are not handled very frequently, or have a tendency to resist being restrained.

Docile or frequently handled animals can sometimes fail to activate an automatic yoke, because they have become accustomed to being restrained. Typically we see this with dairy cattle, although it does apply in other circumstances.

The IAE Saracen Yoke is a self-closing “Automatic” yoke which is activated by the animal’s forward movement. Release handles are fitted to both sides of the yoke, if an animal shuts the yoke having not put its head through, handles allow the yoke to be quickly reset without the need for the animal to exit the crush first. There is also another operator handle fitted to assist the animal’s exit from the yoke if required.

The IAE Saracen yoke is compatible with the Superscoop.


IAE Saracen Rotating Rump Bar Cattle Crush

  • Wheel operated rotating rump bar keeps the animal forward whilst eliminating the risk of “trapped fingers”
  • Pallet fork lifting points welded onto the top horizontal rails.
  • Multiple settings allow the rump bar assembly to slide forward for smaller animals.
  • Two front/side doors and one back/ side door on each side hinge from a middle pillar to allow access to the animal’s flanks.
  • Fully welded flat tread plate floor.

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