Super Comfort Cow Cubicle

Super Comfort cubicles are quick and easy to install. Once the posts are in position, other components are simply attached using high quality clamps and fastenings. The Super Comfort whilst not offering the same level of comfort and welfare as the Ultima and Supreme systems remains a vast improvement over the older freestanding cubicle design. Combine your Super Comfort cubicle with Brisket Board or P.I.P.E to encourage the correct lying position.

The Super Comfort cubicle provided the basis for our current cubicle range. The introduction of this type of system gave many benefits over the older style cubicles, many of which required extensive groundwork to install correctly. Super Comfort cubicles create a greater lunge zone, a better lying position, better space sharing and no rear legs to interfere with the animal when rising.

  • No restriction in bed from cubicle legs.
  • Easy installation compared to concreted in cubicle divisions.
  • Cleaner beds when cubicles are set up correctly as animal will soil directly into scrape passage.
  • Less Injury to animals compared to older cubicle designs.
  • Great acceptance rates from animals due to ease of use and comfort.

IAE offers a selection of cubicle loop lengths tp accommodate individual requirements. Whilst the Super Comfort no longer meets the latest dairy housing recommendations, it remains a popular choice for refurbishments and existing buildings.


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