Calf Pens

We carry in stock the Standard IAE Calf Pen fronts in 3ft & 4 ft wide, also the yoke type. We have a choice of part sheeted sides or standard 6 rail sides/backs.

We also have in stock the simple calf pen system, which interlock into each other. 6ft & 4ft fronts available & 6ft / 4ft railed side / back panels.

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IAE Standard Calf Penning

IAE Standard Calf Penning 1015mm (3ft 4″) High 25mm x 25mm SHS horizontal rails and end vertical stiles Welded slotted lugs at each end to suit 10mm o/d coupling rod…

Yoke Type Calf Penning Fronts

915mm (3ft) long complete with 1 yoke and 2 bucket holders. also available 1200mm (4ft) long complete with 2 yokes and 2 bucket holders.

Standard Railed Side Panels

6 horizontal rails Sizes available: 1525mm (5ft) long & 1830mm (6ft) long.

Sheeted Back Panel

Easy to clean galvanised sheet. Sizes available: 915mm (3ft) fully sheeted  & 1220mm (4ft) fully sheeted

IAE Simple Calf Pen Front Panels

Simple Calf Pen Front Panels Welded loop lugs at each end to suit extended vertical stile arrangements. Sizes available: 1220mm (4ft) long with 2 openings and 2 bucket holders. In…

Simple Calf Penning Side & Back Panels

6 railed back / side panels to suit simple calf pen fronts. 1220mm (4ft) long & 1830mm (6ft) long.

Calf Pen Fittings

10mm dia coupling bar. Short plate complete with 1 fixing lug. Full length wall plate complete with 2 lugs.

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