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Cattle Grids

IAE Cattle Grids We have a choice of four cattle grids to suit residential, agricultural, forestry and commercial applications. Suitable for load weights from 10 tonne – 40 tonne capacity.…

Calf Feeder

Designed for use within calf pens for the fattening of younger animals. To be hooked over pen gates or panels using integrated hooks. 1280mm long x 415mm wide x 750mm…

Free Standing Calf Trough

Stands at 585mm high, 430mm wide x 135mm deep trough. Fully welded trough ends suitable for liquid feeding. Comes with splayed legs as standard for stabibility.Option available to stand against wall with…

IAE Goliath Calf Trough

Stands at 466mm high x 446 mm wide.315mm wide x 200mm approx deep half round trough. Fully welded for liquid feeding. Diagonal strut bracing below trough for added strength. 4ft long…

Hook on Calf Trough

284mm wide x 123mm deep. Hook brackets supplied loose for ease of storage, bolt on. Available sizes: 3ft / 4ft 6″ / 6ft / 9ft

Heavy Duty Calf Hayrack

Stanchion fitting type Hot dip galvanised Sheet metal back Dimensions: 710mm wide x 915mm deep 152mm x 76mm weldmesh Length – 4575mm stanchion centres (though other sizes can be made…

Hook over Calf Hayrack

400mm wide x 420mm deep with 240mm high back. Weldmesh 75 x 75mm (3″ x 3″) and sheeted end panels.Hook brackets welded on. Available sizes: 2ft / 3ft / 4ft /…

Hook Over Calf Hayrack

Dimensions: 400mm wide x 420mm deep x 240mm high back 75mm x 75mm weldmesh Sizes: 610mm long 915mm long 1250mm long 1830mm long

Hook Over Calf Trough

Hot dip galvanised Hook brackets supplied loose, bolt on 320mm wide x 195mm deep Hook over Calf Trough Sizes: 915mm long (1 brace) 1370mm long (1 brace) 1830mm long (2…

Standard Calf Hayrack

Double-sided mesh hayrack 475mm x 475mm x 490mm deep. Suitable for all calf pen types.

Small Calf De-Horning Crate

IAE Small Calf De-Horning Crate Stock item, on your yard in a matter of days! 915mm long x 380mm wide x 1020mm high c/w wooden floor. Optional wheels and handles…

Large Calf De-Horning Crate

IAE Large Calf De-Horning Crate Stock item, on your yard in a matter of Days! 1185mm long x 480mm wide x 1195mm high c/w wooden floor. The hinged gates at…

Calf Pen Fittings

10mm dia coupling bar. Short plate complete with 1 fixing lug. Full length wall plate complete with 2 lugs.

Simple Calf Penning Side & Back Panels

6 railed back / side panels to suit simple calf pen fronts. 1220mm (4ft) long & 1830mm (6ft) long.

IAE Simple Calf Pen Front Panels

Simple Calf Pen Front Panels Welded loop lugs at each end to suit extended vertical stile arrangements. Sizes available: 1220mm (4ft) long with 2 openings and 2 bucket holders. In…

Sheeted Back Panel

Easy to clean galvanised sheet. Sizes available: 915mm (3ft) fully sheeted  & 1220mm (4ft) fully sheeted

IAE Standard Calf Penning

IAE Standard Calf Penning 1015mm (3ft 4″) High 25mm x 25mm SHS horizontal rails and end vertical stiles Welded slotted lugs at each end to suit 10mm o/d coupling rod…

IAE Classic Calf Creep Feeder

IAE Classic Calf Creep Feeder Stock item, on your yard in a matter of days! The IAE Classic calf creep feeder brings together the best elements of the previous calf…

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