IAE Classic Calf Creep Feeder

IAE Classic Calf Creep Feeder

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The IAE Classic calf creep feeder brings together the best elements of the previous calf creep feeder designs, and enhances the product with new features and design alterations.
The hopper, intricately folded from heavy gauge sheet, using state of the art folding and punching equipment, forms an integral part of the structure of the creep.
Incorporating the hopper into the unit as a whole gives creep inherent rigidity and strength.
To prove the durability and load capacity of the new creep feeder, it was tested with a payload in excess of 500kg in the 725 litre hopper. Coping with ease and without sustaining any damage throughout the trial, which included transit and lifting using the (optional) top lifting frame, and the built in 3 point linkage and fork lift points.

  • Built-in 3 point linkage and pallet fork lifting points make life easy when moving short distances around the farm.
  • Optional bolt on the top lifting frame also available.
  • The lift up hopper lid also slides forward on nylon rollers to allow even greater access.
  • The front apertures offer plenty of adjustment, 3 height settings and 2 width settings.
  • The cross-bar (height restrictor) sits in a special pair of brackets with three locations and is secured with an “R-clip” and peg.
  • Each vertical aperture bar is located in special cut out positions inside the front of the frame and these are also secured with an “R-clip” and peg.
  • Straightforward to open and alter, the clip and peg system is inaccessible to cattle.
  • Dimensions – 2500mm wide, 1857mm deep (front to back), 1355mm high (front)
  • Bird Flaps optional extra.

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