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Town Wooden Gate

The Town Wooden gate is a quality framed, ledged and braced, offering privacy and security. Sizes available 3ft wide x 4ft high, 3ft wide  x 5ft high and 3ft wide…

Berllan Dre Wooden Gate

The Berllan dre wooden gate is a softwood T,G & V boarded arch top side gate, ledged & braced. Size 3ft wide x 6ft high.

Drws Berllan Wooden Gate

The Drws Berllan Wooden Gate is ledged and braced with curved top and smooth finish. Size 3ft wide x 6ft high.

Country Wooden Gate

The Country Wooden Gate is a popular framed, ledged and braced gate with feather edge boarding, offers privacy and security. Size 0.9m wide x 1.78m high.

The Cerwyn Pedestrian Wooden Gate

The cerwyn pedestrian wooden gate is a lightweight garden gate available in pressure treated softwood. Sizes available 3ft, 3ft 6″ and 4ft. Height 3ft 4″.

The Cardi Pedestrian Wooden Gate

The Cardi Pedestrian Wooden Gate is available in pressure treated softwood, sizes available 3ft and 4ft

The Curved Cerwyn Pedestrian Wooden Gate

The Curved Cerwyn Pedestrian Wooden Gate is a lightweight curved top wicket gate, in softwood. Available sizes 3ft, 3ft 6″ and 4ft. Height to top of curve 3ft 7″.

The Nyfer Pedestrian Wooden Gate

The Nyfer Pedestrian Wooden Gate is available in softwood. Sizes are 3ft, 3ft 6″, 4ft, 4ft 6″, 5ft, 5ft 6″ and 6ft long. Height is 3ft 6″.

Iet Gofal Wooden Gate

The Iet Gofal Wooden Gate is constructed from kiln dried redwood, these planed and pressure treated gates are a good value for money economy wooden gate well suited for field…

The Cardi Wooden Gate

The Cardi is an all-time favourite with a smooth and attractive finish, strong and built to last. Available in pressure treated softwood and made to order hardwood Iroko. Size range…

Preseli Wooden Gate

With their curved style the Preseli Wooden Gates makes an impressive entrance. Available in pressure treated softwood or made to order in untreated hardwood Iroko. Size range from 3ft to 12ft…

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